Does PS5 Have a DisplayPort? Connect Monitor & PS5 DisplayPort

The PS5 is Sony’s latest addition to the PlayStation collection and it has already been a year since it came out. The popular gaming console comes packed with exciting features. Sony has included Adaptive Triggers, Haptic feedback, and much more in this product. 

The gaming experience of the users is enhanced with the vibrant and wonderful display. Talking of display, can you count on your PS5 to connect with the display devices that you wish to play games on? In context to the gaming console and its connections, this article will be focusing on the relevant question of “does PS5 have a DisplayPort?” And if yes, how can you connect PS5 to monitor with PS5 DisplayPort. But first, let us know what a DisplayPort is.

What is a DisplayPort?

The DisplayPort is a digital display user interface that was designed in May 2006. It is essentially used to connect a video-sourcing device to a display device like a monitor, computer screen, television, and so on. It also acts as an alternative to HDMI

It is also capable of carrying data like audio and USB. A DisplayPort is also compatible with other user interfaces such as HDMI and DVI with the help of active or even passive adapters. DisplayPort is often found on expensive graphics cards and high-end monitors. 

The connection is said to provide higher refresh rates and greater resolution outcomes, which makes it popular in the gaming community.

Does the PS5 have a DisplayPort?

Straightforwardly speaking, the PS5 does not support DisplayPort. Instead, it has a built-in HDMI 2.1 port that is considered far superior to even the latest version of DisplayPort. This is also because most PS5 users prefer to connect their gaming console to their televisions and not monitors so the HDMI port was the natural outcome. 

The makers thus did not invest in adding a port for DisplayPort. Hence, we will move on to understand how we can go about connecting the PS5 to a monitor with a PS5 display port.

How can you connect a PS5 to a monitor with a PS5 DisplayPort?

If you are still willing to use your PS5 on a monitor rather than a television screen, there are methods that you can still try in that regard. You can invest in an HDMI to DisplayPort active adaptor which will make it easier for your PS5 to connect to your monitor. 

However, you must note that a large number of these adaptors work only between HDMI 2.0 to DisplayPort 1.2. This can considerably negate the several benefits that come with a default HDMI 2.1 connection and these may be lost to you. 

The most important thing to note is that your refresh rate can fall to as low as 60 Hz even though your DisplayPort may be capable of as much as 120 Hz. Now, the decision of whether it is worth it to run the gaming console despite these setbacks or not is up to the user.

Why Do You Need to Connect Your PS5 through DisplayPort in the First Place?

Not all users are willing to invest in a brand new 4k resolution TV to go with their PS5. It may simply be too harsh on the pocket, so to speak. Therefore some users want to use their gaming console on the monitor screen that they already have and feel is sufficient for their gaming requirements. 

Thus there is still a considerable amount of gamers that prefer to use their PS5 on a monitor instead of a large television screen. To most gamers, the DisplayPort is also a very superior port connection and it is natural that they then wonder whether the most popular gaming console has the compatibility for this connection. 

However, to their displeasure, Sony had not included this type of connection in the PlayStation 5 due to the prevailing preference for Television as the gaming display. However, you still have the option of getting an adapter so your PS5 can communicate with your monitor. 

That too with several setbacks of its own as mentioned previously in this article, like lower refresh rates and no benefits of the HDMI 2.1 port. If you as a gamer still believe that it is worth it to use the impressive gaming console despite all of these setbacks, you may very well go for this option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the PS5 have a DisplayPort?

A. No, the PS5 has a built-in HDMI 2.1 port instead of a DisplayPort.

2. How do I get 120 Hz on PS5 with DisplayPort?

A. It is not possible to get 120 Hz on PS5 while you are using HDMI to DisplayPort adapter, the refresh rate is only up to 60 Hz in that case.

3. Can a PS5 run on a 144 Hz monitor?

A. Yes, you can very well connect your PS5 to a 144 Hz monitor but the console would not push out 144 frames per second instead the frame rate will drop to 120.


In this article, we understood how the PS5 does not come with an in-built display port in it. Hence, to enjoy the best levels of visual experience – it is important to connect to a monitor that supports a display port. 

While there are many articles on the internet that enlighten us about the presence of a PS5 displayport, there are not many that touch upon the fact of how you can go about connecting it to your PS5. Hopefully, this article will provide you with all that you need to know to do so effectively.

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