6 Best PS5 Games for Kids: 5, 7, 8, 10 Year Olds

Are you looking for the best PS5 games for 5 year olds? This article will tell you about some of the best PS5 games for kids. Read further to find out more.

Video games are very popular for decades and most publishers are targeting adult gamers these days, simply because of the enormous market. These games usually contain violence, a hint of rated content, and some unpleasant themes, none of which are kid-friendly by the way. But one must not forget about young gamers whose future is just shaping up now. The kind of games they play while growing up may have a big impact on their way of thinking and attitude toward life. 

PS5 have countless games available but not all of them are appropriate for children. There are a few noteworthy games that are certainly worth your consideration if you’re searching for something far more kid-friendly. 

Best  Games for Kids in 2022

Finding a game which is suitable for your kid is a time-consuming process. You have to go through all the details or even play the games sometimes to find out what it contains. With so many games floating around, it’s not an easy task. 

To make things more comfortable for you, I have prepared a compilation of the 6 best games for kids, So you don’t have to waste hours browsing the store or the internet.

Let’s find out. 

1. BUGSNAX – Editor’s choice

Bugsnax is a tale about half-bug, half-snack creatures dwelling on Snaktooth Island. From the creators of Octodad: Dadliest Catch. As a teenage journalist entrusted with tracking down these charming animals, you’ll suddenly find yourself in over your head when you learn that explorer Lizbert Megafig has vanished! The other Grumpuses have dispersed around the island. And Bugsnax is the only way to assist them back to Snaxburg.

It’s a fun game that completely disregards the usual violent action people have been used to in pursuit of creature collection. To collect Bugsnax, you ought to lure them in with their comfort food and chase them into hutches. It’s a basic gameplay cycle that many audiences can learn. But locating and trapping more Bugsnax is irresistible. Bugsnax even incorporates DualSense’s adaptive triggers. You can sense the camera shutter when you click it while snapping Bugsnax across the world.


Astro’s Playroom is pre-installed on every machine and is one of the best PS5 games for 4 year olds. It’s not a question of whether or not to buy it (because it’s free) but instead whether or not it should be played, and the answer is obvious. Astro’s Playroom is a terrific slasher with -inspired stages like the SSD Speedway and Graphics Jungle. Astro’s Playroom also serves as a title to exhibit the maximum potential of the DualSense controller, in accordance with the next-gen premise.

There are several hidden gems and treasures from PlayStation’s legacy for long-time PlayStation enthusiasts to uncover. If you’re a new PlayStation enthusiast, it’ll reinforce the idea of how far the system has progressed since its debut in 1994.


Sony commissioned Sumo Digital with crafting a sequel to Little Big Planet. Which might feature 3D level design experience instead of the franchise’s usual 2.5D. Sackboy: A Big Adventure was the outcome of this, and it took the saga to an unprecedented level. It is understandable that gameplay is approachable to users of all ages, and it’s not too complex for younger players but interesting enough for older folks to relish. We try gaming it once. And can speak to the truth that it’s tricky to put the controller down when you want to explore every possible mystery in each round. It combines with  GameHelpline and permits you to obtain instant guidance with minimum effort.

Sackboy lacks an editing capability for customer content. You’ll have to make do with the levels created by the programmer. Well, the game contains more than 50 levels, and you’ll never have a shortage of things to do.  There are several controllers available for you to purchase if you want to let a family or friends engage in the fun.


For many folks, Stardew Valley seems like a quintessential chore. When you inherit your grandfather’s farm in the sleepy town of Stardew Valley, you’ll engage yourself on a long journey to perfect the farm, cleanse up the entire region, cultivate crops, raise livestock, and much more. The whole town is full of NPCs to engage with, as well as periodically creates tunnels full of attackers if you feel like combat.

This is among the leading agricultural and social virtual worlds like Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing. On, revisions have brought multiple products, functions, teamwork, and a beach farm theme over the years. It’s impossible to put the stick down once you’ve started Stardew Valley. Kids can learn farming and management while playing this game.

5. FALL GUYS – fun games for kids

After its debut, Fall Guys swept social media by storm.  Players battle against approximately 50 – 60 other players in Wipeout-inspired different obstacles, with the tasks becoming increasingly difficult as they continue. You must be the last man to survive and you must receive the Crown to win the entire round.  Various seasons of this entertaining game will be released on a regular basis, with the most recent being a winter-themed season for the holidays.

It also benefits that the curator of the game is quite active on Twitter. Where he keeps followers up to speed on fresh stuff and upgrades. Fan requests, such as additional outfits, have been known to make it into the game. The memes alone make joining the community worthwhile.

This is one of the best PS5 games for 10 year olds and above to play. With every new structure, the Wipeout-inspired obstacle courses are modified which provides each encounter a unique experience. You’ll be able to play Season 3 of the show as well.


Minecraft won’t be needing any introduction. If you are looking for the best PS5 games for 4 year olds, Minecraft should be at the top of the list.  With over 200 million copies sold globally, it is among the finest video games of all time. It has a dedicated following on Twitch and YouTube. It is because of the personalities that broadcast the game and partly given the fact that you can do almost anything in it. In that way, it’s similar to Lego. You may construct a variety of things using multiple kinds of blocks, and there’s even a serene option that prevents creatures from spawning at night.

The game also has a marketplace where you can get additional skins, maps, features, and much more, as well as a lot of user-created material. Although much of the popular material is free, some must be purchased with Minecoins. Which must be purchased with real money. Even without looking at the shop, there’s enough to do in Minecraft. You shouldn’t become bored anytime soon.


Q. What family games are on PS5?

Astro’s playroom, Assasin’s creed Valhalla, Fall Guys, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Bugsnax are some of the family games available for the PS5. Along with these, there is Sackboy; the adventure which is kids PS5 game for 8-year-olds and above.

Q. What are some fun games for PS5?

Fall guys is one the best fun game for kids and youngsters alike. Stardew Valley is a family game for fun. You can create your own farm, your surroundings, and a lot more. There are several other games such as Call of Duty but those are the best PS5 games for 12-year-olds and above.

Q. How do I request a kid’s game on PS5?

Kid’s games are readily available on PS5. If you want to join a session with a friend, look for it on their profile or in the control center. Then choose Join after selecting the card. You may need to request to join the session at times, so pick Request to Join when that happens.

You may also create a new game or invite a player or people to your current game.

Q. What age is PS5 for?

According to Sony kids above 3 years, old can play games on PS5. However, there are age ratings provided for each game so can choose the age-appropriate game for your kids. There are PS5 games for 5 year olds, PS5 games for 7 years old, etc. Make sure to check one for your kid.

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