12 Best PS5 Wall Mounts In 2022

The PlayStation 5 is on the horizon, and it’s going to be absolutely incredible. But how do you get your PS5 console off the shelf and onto your wall? One of the most exciting things about getting a new PS5 console will be choosing a mount for it. Mounts can be expensive and hard to install, so we have made this list of the best PS5 wall mounts to make finding one easier for you.

1. HIDEit Wall Mount for PlayStation 5 Console

Are you looking for a PS5 wall mount? If so, HIDEit is the perfect solution for you! This wall mount is specifically designed for the PlayStation 5 console. It features a sleek and compact design that blends in with your home décor. The PS5 console can be installed on any wall or cabinet within minutes using this HIDEit mount!

The mount has been constructed from steel and aluminum materials that are strong enough to hold up your PlayStation 5 console while still maintaining its sleek appearance. You will receive all necessary hardware when purchasing this product, allowing you to easily install it onto any flat surface in your home or office space.

2. FLEXIMOUNTS Floating AV Shelf Wall Mount Bracket

The FLEXIMOUNTS Floating AV Shelf Wall Mount Bracket is a great choice for a wall mount if you’re looking to keep your PS5 close to the wall, but still have easy access to it. The floating shelf can be attached directly to the wall and angled at any angle you want. It also comes with four screws so that your PS5 won’t move around while playing games or watching movies. What’s more, this mount can hold TVs up to 65 lbs., making it suitable even for heavier TVs like the Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV QN65Q9FAMFXZA (which weighs in at 79 lbs.).

3. FITUEYES Swivel TV Stand with Mount

The FITUEYES Swivel TV Stand with Mount is one of the best PS5 wall mounts on the market. With a swivel base, this stand can rotate 360 degrees to provide you with optimal viewing angles no matter where you’re seated. The mount has an extendable arm that’s adjustable in length from 21″ to 70″ and can hold up to 65 lbs., making it perfect for most LED TVs or even 32″+ monitors. The design of this unit allows for easy installation and removal, so you won’t need to hire expert help when moving furniture around your home or office space.

4. Aeon Stands and Mounts Full Motion TV Wall Mount

This full-motion mount has a simple design that makes it easy to install and remove. It’s adjustable so you can position your TV however you like, and it holds TVs as large as 65 inches. The Aeon Stands and Mounts Full Motion TV Wall Mount fits LED, LCD, OLED, and Plasma TVs with VESA 200x200mm or 400x400mm mounting patterns.

This mount is heavy duty and built to last; it’s made from cast steel which is strong enough to support up to 130 pounds of weight without bending or sagging. It will hold any TV weighing up to 132 pounds safely in place on the wall without any wobbling or shaking around on the wall bracket – even if it’s mounted over an uneven surface such as brick.

5. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating PS5 Wall Mount

This ECHOGEAR PS5 Wall Mount is the best choice for you if your TV mount needs to be on a wall. The bracket holds your device securely and allows the screen to be tilted up to 15 degrees each way, so you can adjust it for better viewing angles.

This product comes with an HDMI cable, a USB extension cable, a VESA mounting plate kit, and all necessary mounting hardware. It also includes one year of protection against manufacturer defects or failure under normal use conditions (with no component replacement).

6. Echogear Tilting TV Wall Mount for 26-55 Inch TVs

This universal TV mount from Echogear is one of the most versatile mounts on this list, and it’s also one of the easiest to install. The tilting feature makes it easier for you to view your TV from a variety of angles. The mount can be used on either side of your TV, so you won’t have any trouble getting it set up in your home theater.

This wall-mount is compatible with 26-55 inch TVs, which means that most people will be able to use it without any problems—and if you have a smaller or larger model than that range, there are other Echogear mounts available in different sizes.

The design itself is relatively simple: It consists of two pieces that connect together via screws or bolts (depending on where they’re being used). These pieces then clip onto each other at various points along their length as well as around their edges—creating an extremely sturdy connection point where they meet up together.

7. VIVO Universal Adjustable Tilting Pivoting Ceiling Projector Mount

The VIVO Universal Adjustable Tilting Pivoting Ceiling Projector Mount is an excellent choice for anyone looking to mount their projector or screen without drilling holes in the ceiling. It can be mounted directly to the projector, screen, or wall, depending on your needs and preferences. The mount is fully adjustable and allows you to angle your display at whatever angle you like. This works great if you want to situate your display at eye level while using it as a computer monitor or TV.

The VIVO Universal Adjustable Tilting Pivoting Ceiling Projector Mount includes everything you need to get started immediately – even if you don’t own any tools! It comes with screws for attaching it directly onto your projector (or wherever else) as well as four mounts that allow you to attach the mount itself onto any surface type such as wood studs or drywall using standard toggle bolts (included).

8. Home Black Glass TV Stand with Integrated Mount Bracket

1home Black Glass TV Stand with Integrated Mount Bracket is an excellent choice for your living room. It is made of high-quality glass and black powder-coated steel to ensure durability, stability, and safety. This TV stand has a tempered safety glass shelf so you can keep your valuable items in it without worrying about them getting damaged or broken. The mounting bracket can rotate up to 180 degrees so that you can easily swivel and tilt the TV screen as per your requirement.

You can easily assemble this TV stand by following the user manual provided by the manufacturer in just 10 minutes because it comes with all necessary tools required for assembly like screws and wrenches etc., You can mount this stand on any wall or tabletop surface within minutes due to its flexible design which makes installation very easy even if you are not an expert at DIY projects.

9. TotalMount Pro Gaming Mount for the PS5 Console

The TotalMount Pro Gaming Mount is a great option for gamers looking to mount their PS5 console vertically or horizontally on the wall. The mounts are made of heavy-duty steel construction and are designed to hold the PS5 console securely in place.

This mount comes with two pieces that you can use individually: one piece fits into your PS5 console’s front vent hole, while the other slides onto your TV stand or entertainment center before slipping into place within the first piece as well, securing everything together so that there’s no risk of it falling off (something we’ve seen happen before). This means you’ll have easy access when it comes time for maintenance work—just slide out one of these mounts and replace it with another one once everything’s been cleaned up.

10. MOUNTUP Tilting TV Wall Mount

This is a high-quality TV wall mount that can be used to mount your 26-55 inch TVs on the wall. It supports heavy TVs up to 66 pounds, and it comes with a low profile design that makes it suitable for living room or bedroom use.

The MOUNTUP Tilting TV Wall Mount, Low Profile for 26-55 Inch TVs, No Drill Hole Required Full Motion TV Bracket, Wall TV Mount Fit 16″, 18″, 24″ Studs, Easy Install on 12″ or 16″ Wood Studs MU0004X is designed for easy installation without damaging your walls or furniture. You don’t need any drilling holes when installing this bracket onto wood studs (16″, 18″ or 24″).

This bracket also gives you full control over the angle of your screen: tilt up/down 15 degrees; rotate left/right 180 degrees; extend out from the wall 2″; fold inwards 4″. You can adjust its height according to your needs by mounting it at 10 different levels on its tilting arm.

11. Baskiss TV Stand with Mount,

This TV stand is a great option for those looking to mount their TV at eye level. It comes with an adjustable height of 50-70 inches and can support up to 99 lbs. The base is made of tempered glass and has a sleek, modern design that will look good in your living room or bedroom.

The Baskiss TV Stand with Mount is easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about hiring someone else to do it for you; however, some customers were unhappy with the mounting hardware included with their order because they thought it was cheap and flimsy. Some users also complained about having difficulty assembling this product due to its poor instructions manual and missing parts (you’ll want to make sure everything’s there before starting). However, if you’re willing to put in some elbow grease then this model could be a good choice for you.

12. Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull-Down TV Mount

The Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull-Down TV Mount is a great choice if you’re looking to mount your PS5 behind a TV, but it also has another use: it can be mounted on the wall above your fireplace. This mount is compatible with 75” TVs and up, and adjustable for almost any viewing angle or orientation. The built-in cable management system keeps cords out of sight, which makes this mount ideal for any living room setup where cables might get in the way.

This mount comes with all necessary hardware needed to install it and attaches securely to wood studs up to 1/2″ thick that are 16″ apart from the center point (24″ outermost measurement). It weighs 9 pounds without any weight added in order to secure your PS5 firmly onto it.


Should I wall mount my PS5?

Yes! The PS5 is a sleek, modern console. It deserves to be mounted on the wall in a tasteful and attractive way that will accentuate its design and make it stand out in your room.

Is it OK to put the PS5 behind the TV?

It’s not recommended to put the PS5 behind your TV. In most cases, it’s better to keep it in front of your TV. You can do this by installing a shelf above or below your TV. This way, you’ll have easy access to the PS5 without having to move around furniture.

How do I hide the cables on my PS5?

First, we recommend wrapping them around a piece of cardboard or paper. This will help keep them organized and also protect them from getting damaged.

Next, wrap the cables in bubble wrap and secure them with tape or glue. This will help prevent further damage to your cables if they’re not already damaged. 

Finally, put your console inside a bag and seal it up with an additional piece of tape or glue. That way, no one will know what’s inside!

How far away should PS5 be from the wall?

The PS5 should be placed at least 3 feet from any walls. This is because the PS5 is an immersive experience, and you want to be able to move around without hitting anything.


These are the best PS5 wall mounts on the market today. The PS5 is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world, so it’s important for you to be able to safely mount it on a wall or table without damaging your home or office. If you’re looking for a way to show off your console and keep things neat at the same time, then these options should help make that happen.

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