7 Best PS5 Controller Skins & Wraps In 2022

If you own a PS5, you must be aware of the fact that it is quite prone to dirt accumulation and scratches. However, it is not easy to see your favorite gaming device getting ruined with time – which is why ps5 controller skins and wraps are quite popular in 2022. They cover the device to protect it from environmental pollutants, keeping it as fresh as new. 

However, there is more to purchasing controller skins and wraps today than protection. These accessories make the controller look very visually pleasing and overall enhance the look of the gaming setup. Your choice of skin can help depict who you truly are as a gamer – which is why in this article, we will be covering the top 7 skins and wraps you can go for in 2022.

1. Shooter Cover- Anime PS5 Skins

If you are looking for a visually attractive ps5 controller wrap, then the Shooter Cover- Anime PS5 Skin would not disappoint you. This sticker is very easy to apply and remove, and its stickiness adds to the strong support on the console. By applying this skin, you will easily be able to press all the buttons and controls without any hassles. 

The durability aspect of the Shooter Cover Anime Ps5 skin is great too since it is completely dustproof and resistant to scratch. The graphics on the wrap are HD and if you love anime, then this is the skin to go for. 

2. Custom PS5 Bundle Skin

The custom skin bundle for ps5 by Skinit is the ideal option to go for if you love customizing everything around you. Customization allows one to own products that perfectly complement their aesthetic luxuriously, and hence purchasing skins from Skinit’s Custom ps5 skin controller is a great idea. 

People get to choose which image is on their skin. They have an option to choose from any social media platform such as Instagram and Facebook, send the image from a gallery, or simply paste an image link from google. You can save and customize your designs and save them easily, and the overall installment is very hassle-free.

3. Anime Naruto PS5 Disk Skin PS5

For some gamers, simply going for an anime skin for their ps5 may not be enough since they are diehard fans of a specific anime – Naruto. If you fall within this category, then the Anime Naruto ps5 disk skin would be the best console skin to go for. The bright colors and various designs truly elevate the look of the console. 

This skin is completely anti-collision and resistant to all kinds of scratches, and the surface hardens up to 3H. Since the skin is very thin and flexible, it barely adds any weight to the console. It is also waterproof and nonfading, along with being dust and UV-resistant.

4. Michigan Logo Striped PS5 Bundle Skin

The next skin for ps5 is especially for the students (or soon-to-be students) and the alumni of the University of Michigan (America). The logo of this university is an ideal way to depict your loyalty and respect towards the educational institution while doing what you love the most – gaming! 

The skin of Michigan Logo Striped ps5 bundle skin is formulated in a way that fits the 2020 version of the console perfectly. It is designed using 3 M vinyl, which is considered the best quality. However, it is not compatible with the digital edition of the ps5.

5. Design Skinz Raw Wood Planks

If premium skins and wood aesthetics are your priorities while looking for the ideal ps5 skin, then the Design Skinz Raw Wood Planks will be the perfect fit for you. The texture of the skin is very soft and is guaranteed to provide you with a smooth gaming experience. 

The fit of this skin is very precise. This premium vinyl decal comes with a full coverage kit and an air-release adhesive. The lamination layer of this skin is extremely clear too, making it an ideal option to protect and beautify your ps5 controller.

6. SlickWraps Playstation 5 Custom Skin

The SlickWraps PlayStation 5 Custom Skin is another option you can go for if you love the customization of your PlayStation 5 controller skins. This brand also allows users to design their skin from scratch, which means that you can choose any image, text, or pattern that you want and convert it into your ps5 controller’s skin. 

The wraps and skins from this brand are made from top quality materials of 3M, which means that you can ditch all the worries around decency and durability. The installation process for this SlickWraps custom skin is very easy too. On top of that, there is no residue of the adhesives when you remove the skin.

7. EasySkinz Playstation 5 (PS5) SIGNATURE Art Collage Skin

The ps5 controller stickers by EasySkinz in the category of Signature Art Collage Skin are a great option to go for if you want to upgrade the simple look of your setup to a more funky and artsy design. This company provides skins for both the console and the controller. 

The skins by EasySkinz are scratch free and the most premium materials are used to manufacture them. The ultimate air release technology used by this brand ensures that there are no bubbles at the time of installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you put a skin on a PS5?

Ans. Yes, you can put a skin on the Ps5.

2. Can you make custom PS5 controllers?

Ans. Yes, many bands like EasySkins allow people to make custom ps5 controller skins.

3. How do you change the skin on the PS5 controller?

Ans. You can remove your previous skin and then stick to the new one easily.

4. Will PS5 controllers have more colors?

Ans. Yes, the ps5 is expected to release different colored controllers soon.


Controller skins for ps5 are very useful, which is why they are in such high demand today. However, it is understandable if you get overwhelmed with the amount of variety in the market. With the top 7 ps5 controller skins and wraps in 2022 mentioned above, hopefully, now you would be able to purchase the best one for you according to your needs and requirements.

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