Chernobylite PS5 Review: Is Chernobylite Good Enough?

Chernobylite PS5 features a storyline set after 30 years of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. This disaster changed the course of the world and the substance Chernobylite appeared in the area. A military contractor named NAR investigates its applications. This substance can open wormholes between dimensions which is revolutionary but also brings strange creatures into this dimension.

Chernobylite on PS5 is an interesting fantasy game that helps gamers dive into another world. If you ever had a savior complex as a kid and usually dreamt to save your classmates from an attack, then this game might become your favorite. Read our detailed Chernobylite review to find out more about the game, system requirements, and features. 

However, before buying any game it is important to analyze whether it is good enough or not. While the plot is one of the major factors when making such a decision, you should consider other things as well. In this article, we will be exploring the same. 

How Good is the Plot of Chernobylite?

In Chernobyl PS5 gameplay, you will play the character of a Ukrainian Nuclear Physicist, Igor Khymynuk, searching for his disappeared fiancé before the disaster. He must put together food supplies, intel, firepower, and some allies to fight monstrous human enemies. He hides inside a warehouse at Pripyat and plans for his heist in the Disaster Zone.

Igor must manage the hideout properly and keep his allies happy with supplies, technology, and preferable living conditions. This factor is equally important as the main missions of the game. The recruitment of more people helps you in gathering important items for the hideout and completing the side objectives as well. Every recruited ally has specific skills which provide the necessary items. Not only your character, but your allies can also die, removing the skillset. 

Every day in the game is different with changing weather and enemies. There are certain elements, a foggy weather makes it easier for Igor to sneak into the zone.

He must complete missions with maps covering the area of the Zone. Overall, decent points can be awarded to the plot of the game as it allows us to dive into a fantasy world based on a real event that happened in the past – which makes gaming a better experience. 

Objectives and Missions of Chernobylite

The main objectives of the mission can be finding info about his missing fiancé, killing the monsters, and recruiting new companions for his mission. Side objectives are also available to complete in each area apart from the main objectives.

Some of these are to unlock doors, trade supplies with local vagabonds, and save the people from the effects of Chernobylite. The side missions are not engaging and need more elaboration. Anyone of Igor’s companions can complete the missions, but they have different success rates. The missions can fail, and as a result, the characters might die.

During the story mission, you will have to make difficult decisions that will have consequences. These decisions will decide the future of Igor and his companions in the storyline.

Igor transports into a dimension of memory upon his death. You can change your decisions in this dimension by paying Chernobylite. It will create consequences, which you need to resolve before returning to the original dimension. You will get many opportunities to change the course of the story through this process. The death of a character will remove random items from the inventory. 

Is Chernobylite Good Enough?

The game features a Psyche mechanism that makes the gameplay engaging. When you kill people in the game, it will decrease your psyche level. The game gets creepier with the decrease in the psyche. The character will experience hallucinations and hear mysterious sounds and their vision gets darker. The low psyche level will not affect your character’s health.

When you will be back in the hideout, you will need to create items like a workstation to make guns and armor. This process is not difficult, but there are no proper tutorials in the game to help create new items. Hence, beginners can enjoy this game as well.

However, it has some cons as well. The backstory of this game is straightforward and lacks the mysterious environment common for its genre. Some gunshots get delayed and there are glitches in the visual graphics.

The monsters are well-designed but sometimes they can also be a hassle to kill. Exploring and completing missions in the same areas can get repetitive. This drawback is fixed with wonderful visuals and the need to create new items to cover the areas. If these points sound like a deal-breaker to you, then Chernobylite may not be the ideal game to go for.

It is safe to conclude that Chernobylite is worth your money if you like creepy, dark, and exciting gameplay. If you want such games, then going for Chernobylite will not disappoint you at all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Chernobylite a good game?

ans. Yes, Chernobylite is a good game. 

2. How long does it take to beat Chernobylite?

ans. It takes around 16 hours to beat Chernobylite. 

3. What year is Chernobylite set in?

ans. Chernobylite is set in the year 1986. 

4. Is Chernobylite 60fps on PS5?

ans. Yes, Chernobylite is available at 60 FPS on PS5. 

5. Is Chernobylite open world?

ans. Yes, Chernobylite is an open world. 


Chernobylite PS5 captures the minds of the player with its creepy visuals and some other elements. The game appeals to the audience because it is based on a real-life disaster making it even more interesting. The background music and the ambiance of the scenes are also perfect. Make sure you have the latest Chernobylite ps5 upgrade before you start playing the game. 

The illegal inhabitants of the Zone and their tussle with NAR are also there in the story. The infrastructure and the reactor design are accurate in the game and give the audience a genuine feel of the location. Hence, you should consider going for it if you like such games.

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