How Much Does A PS5 Weigh? PS5 Weight

Wondering how much does the PS5 weigh? Stay tuned to find out all the details related to PlayStation 5 including its dimensions and weight.

Since the launch of the very first PlayStation in 1994, the gaming console has seen exponential growth both in terms of technology and popularity. As of 2020, Sony has sold over 950 million units of PlayStation which is a record in itself.

The latest generation of PlayStation is PS5 which was released in November 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic. And due to lockdowns, it became an instant hit. With AMD Zen 2 CPU, NAVI graphics, and custom SSD storage, it’s a significant upgrade over PS4. The loading time has been reduced significantly, thanks to SSD and the overall gaming performance is top-notch.

People often compare the 2 leading consoles in the market – PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. In this article, I am going to talk about the physical aspects of the PS5. I will also cover ps5 weight and other dimensions. 

So let’s begin.

How Much Does A PS5 Weigh?

Yes, there is no doubt about the performance of the new PS5 but what about the size and build? The size of the console is significant to any gamer as he/she needs to be able to fit into the setup.

The standard PS5 box (retail packaging) weighs around 15 lbs according to various retailers. While there is a digital-only version that is slightly lighter and thinner compared to the standard version. 

Many times, we just can’t afford the space it requires on our desk or inside the TV cabinet. So if you are planning to get yourself a PS5 console, remember to check the dimensions and make sure you can adjust it within the given space. 

I’ll start by saying that the PS5 is not small by any means. So expect it to occupy a hefty space. The standard console is 4.1-inch thick, and weighs around 9.9lbs, making it a chunky little box. While the digital version of PS5 weighs 8.6lbs, slightly less than the standard one.

Mind you that the Digital edition of PS% is a little thinner at 3.6-inches, leaving the space of around 5 inches if that’s something you need. 

Both boxes are approximately 15.4-inch high and 10.45-inch wide when you place them upright. 

Here is a quick measurement guide for you:

PS5 Standard15.4-inch10.24-inch4.1-inch9.9lbs
PS5 Digital15.4-inch10.24-inch3.6-inch8.6 lbs
Metric Value (PS5 Standard)390mm260mm104mm4.5kg
Metric Value (PS5 Digital)390mm260mm92mm3.9kg

PS5: Standard or Digital?

Now the big question – Which PS5 version should you buy? As I’ve already mentioned that the weight of PS5 Digital is slightly lower but can it be the primary reason to consider it? Let’s discuss it in detail:

The Standard version of PS5 comes at $499.99. The main advantage of the standard version over the Digital one is the addition of a disc drive. If you are new to PlayStation gaming and it’s going to be your first gaming console, you can go with the digital version which costs $100 cheaper. 

But if you have a wide collection of PS4 games (discs), you are better off with the standard version so you can take advantage of the disc drive. With the Digital-only model, you need to download the games from the internet and store them directly on the console SSD.

Also, the disc drive is useful when it comes to playing physical movies and tv shows. Although disc drives are not the latest trend in 2022, it’s always an advantage if you have one. 

Regardless of how heavy is the ps5, here is my quick suggestion to you:

Go with the Standard one if:

You have a PS4 game disc collection and want to enjoy Blu-ray movies on your PS5 console.

Go with the Digital one if:

You own or are planning to purchase digital copies of PS5  games. Also, the model is $100 cheaper so if you are strictly under budget, it’s also a viable option for you to consider. The PS5 comes with 667GB of SSD which should be enough for most gamers to keep their favorite games. 


Q. How much does a PS5 weigh with box?

A. The retail packaging of PS5 weighs around 15lbs. 

Q. How heavy is a PS5 in KG?

A. The PS5 standard is 4.5 kg and the digital-only version is around 3.9 kg.

Q. How much does a PS5 weigh for shipping?

A. The shipping weight depends on the overall packaging of the box. The standard retail box weighs 15lbs.

Q. How much does a PS5 weigh in grams?

A. PS5 standard weighs 4500 grams while the digital model weighs 3900 grams. 

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