7 Best PS5 Carrying Cases in 2022: Protective & Hard cases

The PS5 is Sony’s latest addition to the PlayStation collection and it has already been a year since it came out. The popular gaming console comes packed with exciting features, but one needs the best ps5 carrying case to keep it safe too.

This article attempts to bring forward some good choices for hard and protective cases for the PS5 so you can deduce the best PS5 carrying case for your gaming console.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying A Case for PS5

As mentioned earlier, the PS5 is a bulky and delicate device to deal with when you are traveling. To buy the right case for it, it is important to consider the durability, design, and space of the carrying case or bag you decide to buy. That is to say:

  • The case must last and must be sturdy in design so it can protect its contents.
  • The space in the case means a lot and the more space it has means the more ease you will have in traveling with a PS5.
  • Traveling compactly with a PS5 also implies that you must make sure of getting a comfortable bag. The products mentioned in this article have been put together to adhere to this criterion.

Top 7 PlayStation 5 Carrying Cases

1. Case Club PlayStation 5 Portable Gaming Station

The Case Club PlayStation 5 Portable Gaming Station (as the name goes) is a mini gaming setup for your PS5 console. This distinctive feature of the case sets it apart remarkably.

If you are someone who is often traveling, this ps5 travel case is a good option for you. It provided excellent travel management to the user. The product is designed to give space to remotes, cables, headsets, and games.

The case dons a full HD screen to play games on. This case is a high-end purchase and is only helpful for those willing to play straight out of a PlayStation case.

2. BUBM PS5 Gaming Backpack

The BUBM PS5 Gaming Backpack is a suitcase and backpack-style bag to carry your PS5. This bag has even more space and capacity than most bags for the PlayStation 5.

Gamers adore the design and capability of the BUBM. The ps5 carrying bag looks no different than a normal book bag but is quite stylish than the usual ones. The ways of accommodation of this bag are very versatile and the room it provides for all your PS5 accompaniments is impressive.

These features also make it a quality carrying case. Not only the PS5, but the spacious nature of the bag also allows you to use it for any console or even purpose that you see fit.

3. USA Gear Console Travel Case

An impressive option in the list, the USA Gear Console Travel Case is much more roomy and portable for the user. Coming with a clean, good design the PlayStation 5 travel case also provides high resistance against water and scratches.

This is one of the safest travel cases for your PS5. The case is compartmentalized so you can arrange your controller and headset along with some games as well.

4. CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case

A hard carrying and traveling case, the CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case is built to be sturdy and reliable. The case is called “crush-proof” with its extremely hard shell that is lined with foam on the inside.

The ps5 Hardcase sells for a higher price but it cannot be argued that it is the most protective case available for a PlayStation 5 right now. This product, however, lacks compartments for anything else other than controllers and the stands it uses.

5. Pierre Vedette PS5 Case Travel Bag

The Pierre Vedette PS5 Case Travel Bag is the most unique option in the market. With its aesthetically pleasing built, the bag boasts enough room for your headphones, stand, controllers, and cords along with the PS5 console itself.

The nylon on the outside and the velvet on the inside protect the accessories from damage and scratches respectively. The three-compartment design of the bag dons a descending order; that is, each compartment is smaller than the last.

The largest one accommodates the console while the other two handle the controllers and accessories. On top of all of these, the bag is comparatively cheaper than most options here!

6. G-STORY Case Storage Bag for PS5

The sleek and stylish G-STORY Case Storage Bag for PS5 is one of the most viable options available in this category. The case is incorporated with the features of an actual travel bag with its leather carrying handle.

The additional features of the case are its high-quality waterproof nylon finish and a non-slip mat. Another exciting feature of the bag is the free stuff that comes along with it.  Buyers get a silicone protective cover and analog stick caps for the controller free with the bag.

7. Ztotop PS5 Travel Case

The Ztotop PS5 Travel Case is a discreet and subtle statement bag. It is fitting for those who would like to carry around a gaming console without making a show of it or without letting anyone in the vicinity know.

This cool bag comes with enough space for the console, controllers, PS5 media remote, and additional cords; which is a lot. The case was one of the first carriers designed particularly for the PlayStation 5, with its fine and hard build. Additionally, the case is even scratch-resistant, shockproof, dustproof, and water-resistant!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a carrying case for the PS5?

A. Yes, there are several options for a good carrying case designed for the PlayStation 5 in the market.

2. What is the best way to travel with a PS5?

A. The best way to travel with a PS5 is to invest in the right carrying case for the same.

3. Is PS5 portable?

A. Even with its bulky design, the PS5 can be made portable to carry around with the correct carrying case.


Sony has included Adaptive Triggers, Haptic feedback, and much more in this product. The gaming experience of the users is enhanced with the vibrant and wonderful display. The PS5 is, however, quite a bulky product that will require only the best ps5 carrying case to go with. Hopefully, this article will help you choose one easily.

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