8 Best Two Player PS5 Games In 2022

The PS5 is the supreme deity of all video games! However, playing games by ourselves isn’t always enjoyable. There are many wonderful single-player games available, some of which may even be our favorites, but playing a game with one or more actual players nearby in person or online across the globe offers a unique experience.

We require a company at times, right? People have the chance to interact, plan, and compete with other players from all around the world when playing multiplayer games. So, what are the best two-player ps5 games for social gaming? In this article, we’ll talk about the top 8  ps5 2 player games that you may play with a friend to pass the time when you’re feeling bored.

1. ARK: Survival Evolved

Many of us have always been fascinated by dinosaurs. So if your love for dinosaurs is unwavering, Ark: Survival Evolved is here for you. In the game, players should stay alive, abandoning one of several areas where the humongous dinosaurs, fantastical monsters, and other extinct species roam, as well as dangerous natural elements and sometimes aggressive human players.

It is a two-player local co-op games ps5. This game has a 9 out of 10 rating on the popular gaming website Steam, which is thought to be a very respectable rating.

2. Call of Duty: Vanguard

The award-winning Call of Duty is one of the most well-known games on smartphones, but when it comes to the PS5, Call of Duty: Vanguard, without any second thoughts, is one of the most loved games when it comes to playing co-op.

It is a shooter game consisting of three modes- Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies. It not only has many possibilities for playing locally, but it is also simple to play split-screen. This game supports up to two players. It is one of the best 2-player PS5 games.

3. Dirt 5

Easy to pick up and play, Dirt 5 is a raucous and approachable racing game. The primary Dirt series has completely changed with Dirt 5, an 8/10 rated game, eschewing almost all simulations in favor of an openly arcade-inspired racing experience that takes cues from just about every source you can think of aside from its immediate forebear.

Due to its incredible arcade racing experience, many players of this game appreciated it. Again, up to two people can couch cooperatively play Dirt 5.

4. FIFA 22

FIFA 22 is available if you enjoy football. With its incredible graphics and ability to simulate you and your friend on the field, it will bring your football fan fantasies to reality. Each of the franchise’s signature modes is supported with a simulation that is extremely gratifying thanks to impressive advancements in player positioning, ball physics, and animations.

Take on each other one-on-one, compete in the card-based Ultimate Team mode, or play a complete online season together. It is purely a PS5 2-player game with a rating of 8 out of 10.

5. Fortnite

The popularity of Fortnite, which now has a score of 8, has exceeded all of our expectations. Utilize the online Battle Royale mode of Fornite to team up with friends to defeat foes and even solve puzzles while satisfying your competitive urges. Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the best multiplayer PS5 games in recent memory, in addition to being a fantastic battle royale game.

Shooters once benefited greatly from couch co-op and local multiplayer, but these days, these features aren’t as common as they should be. Explore thousands of game genres created by creators to find new ways to play adventure, roleplay, survival, and more. Or, join forces with up to three pals in Save the World to repel swarms of monsters.

6. Gran Turismo 7

Are you a fan of racing? Then you should play this game straight away! When it comes to Gran Turismo 7, there are no second thoughts. You will be able to play a multiplayer mode with your friend once you have completed a few events.

A dizzying selection of game modes, including fan favorites like GT Campaign, Arcade, and Driving School, will help you find your niche whether you’re a competitive or recreational racer, collector, tuner, livery designer, or photographer. Over 90 track layouts, including well-known courses from GT history, are yours to explore in a variety of weather situations.

7. It Takes Two

It is a PlayStation game with excellent reviews. The action-adventure platform game It Takes Two is a brilliant illustration of why playing with a friend is so much fun. Players take control of the characters Cody and Max, each of whom has a special ability that they must combine with that of their partner to advance through each level.

It is an incredible game for two players and a wonderful illustration of collaboration. Communication and timing are crucial for completing the stages since you’ll need to use a variety of weapons and skills to take out your adversaries.

8. Haven

Do you believe in soul mates and love? If so, you should try this game of two lovers as they navigate a fascinating environment while fending against forces that want to separate them. You and Kay, the two characters, fled to an abandoned planet, leaving behind everything they were familiar with.

Play both at once while they get used to a new environment. Together, they travel the solar system exploring, connecting, and cleaning worlds while also becoming closer to one another. Players can manage each character in the cooperative multiplayer mode, allowing them to explore the planets or decide how to behave in battle.


These eight top-rated and best two player ps5 games are available for you to enjoy with friends and family on play station. ARK: Survival Evolved and Call of Duty: Vanguard was amongst the most rated ones on steam and PS5.

Play the games now! Having fun while playing games with your friends and loved ones will help you create many memorable moments together. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the next virtual battle that you fight!

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